CMOS Sensor Pioneer Gene Weckler Passed Away

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Gene Peter Weckler died of complications from Alzheimer’s on December 3, 2019. He was 87 years old.

Among his significant contributions to image sensor technology, in 1967 Gene published a seminal paper entitled: “Operation of pn junction photodetectors in a photon flux integrating mode,” which was published in the IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits. Nearly every image sensor built since then has operated in this mode. Gene also published several early papers on what we now call passive pixel image sensors during his time at Fairchild.

In 1971 he co-founded RETICON to further commercialize the technology. RETICON was acquired by EG&G in 1977. Gene stayed with EG&G for twenty years serving in many management roles including Director of Technology for the Opto Divisions. In 1997 Gene co-founded Rad-icon to commercialize the use of CMOS-based solid-state image sensors for use in x-ray imaging. Rad-icon was acquired by DALSA in 2008. Gene retired from full time work in 2009 but continued as a member of the Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at Utah State University.

In 2013, Gene Weckler received International Image Sensor Society (IISS) Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award.

An oral history recording can be found here:

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