2-stage LOFIC Sensor with 120dB DR

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IEEE TED publishes an open access paper "An Over 120 dB Single Exposure Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor With Two-Stage Lateral Overflow Integration Capacitor" by Yasuyuki Fujihara, Maasa Murata, Shota Nakayama, Rihito Kuroda, and Shigetoshi Sugawa from Tohoku University. It appears to be a version of an earlier EI 2020 paper.

"This article presents a prototype linear response single exposure CMOS image sensor with two-stage lateral overflow integration capacitors (LOFIC) exhibiting over the 120-dB dynamic range (DR) with 11.4 Me − full well capacity (FWC) and maximum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 70 dB. The measured SNR at all switching points were over 35 dB thanks to the proposed two-stage LOFIC."

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