Sony to Start Sampling SPAD LiDAR Sensor for Automotive Applications in March 2022

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Sony announces the upcoming release of the IMX459 stacked SPAD depth sensor for automotive LiDAR applications, expected to become the industry first stacked SPAD in production.

This product packs 10 μm pixels and distance measuring processing circuit onto a single chip, making for a compact 1/2.9-type form factor. By leveraging Sony's technologies such as a BSI pixel structure, stacked configurations, and Cu-Cu connections created in the development of CMOS image sensors, Sony delivers 24% PDE at 905nm wavelength and improved responsiveness, enabling distance measuring at 15-centimeter range resolutions from long-range to short -range distances.

This product is set to be certified as meeting the requirements of the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 automotive electronic component reliability tests. Sony has also introduced a development process that complies with ISO 26262 automobile functional safety standards and supports functional safety requirement level ASIL- B(D) for functionalities such as failure detection, notification, and control. 

Sony publishes a video explaining its sensor features in a popular form:

Sony has also developed a mechanical scanning LiDAR reference design equipped with this new SPAD sensor, which is now being offered to customers and partners. Providing the design will help customers and partners save on man-hours in the LiDAR development process as well as reduce costs by optimizing device selection.

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