Camera identification from retroreflection signatures

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In a recent article in Optics Express titled "Watching the watchers: camera identification and characterization using retro-reflections,", Seets et al. from University of Wisconsin-Madison write:

A focused imaging system such as a camera will reflect light directly back at a light source in a retro-reflection (RR) or cat-eye reflection. RRs provide a signal that is largely independent of distance providing a way to probe cameras at very long ranges. We find that RRs provide a rich source of information on a target camera that can be used for a variety of remote sensing tasks to characterize a target camera including predictions of rotation and camera focusing depth as well as cell phone model classification. We capture three RR datasets to explore these problems with both large commercial lenses and a variety of cell phones. We then train machine learning models that take as input a RR and predict different parameters of the target camera. Our work has applications as an input device, in privacy protection, identification, and image validation.


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