TriEye and Vertilas 1.3μm VCSEL-Driven SWIR Sensing Solutions

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TriEye and Vertilas Partner to Demonstrate 1.3μm VCSEL-Driven SWIR Sensing Solutions

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 16, 2024/ – TriEye, pioneer of the world's first cost-effective mass-market Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensing technology, and Vertilas GmbH, a leader in InP VCSEL products, announced today the joint demonstration of a 1.3μm VCSEL-powered SWIR sensing system.

TriEye and Vertilas announce their collaboration in advanced imaging technology. This partnership has led to the development of a technology demonstrator that integrates TriEye's state-of-the-art Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Raven image sensor with Vertilas’ innovative Indium Phosphide (InP) Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology. Adopting high-volume, scalable manufacturing strategies, these technologies provide cost-effective solutions for both consumer and industrial

The system highlights the capabilities of TriEye's CMOS-based SWIR sensor, noted for its high sensitivity and 1.3MP resolution. Designed to enhance imaging in various industries, including automotive, consumer, biometrics, and mobile robots, this solution represents a significant step forward in sensing technology. Alongside, Vertilas introduces its InP SWIR VCSEL technology that provides high output power with high power efficiency. This new VCSEL technology is a complementary innovation that enhances the SWIR camera's functionality. Deploying 1.3μm VCSEL arrays enables greatly improved eye safety and signal quality while minimizing sunlight distortion. Vertilas InP VCSEL array technology also
offers wavelengths at 1.55μm up to 2μm. This new technology is expected to broaden the scope of applications in imaging and illumination across multiple industries.

"Vertilas is thrilled to expand our efforts with TriEye in this groundbreaking initiative. Our InP VCSEL technology, combined with TriEye's exceptional SWIR sensor, marks a significant advancement in the realm of imaging and illumination solutions”, said Christian Neumeyr, CEO at Vertilas. “This collaboration is more than just a technological achievement; it represents our shared vision of innovating for a better, more efficient future in both consumer and industrial applications."

"At TriEye, our commitment has always been to bring revolutionary SWIR technology to the forefront of the market. The integration of our SWIR sensor with Vertilas InP VCSEL technology in this collaborative venture is a testament to this mission”, said Avi Bakal, CEO of TriEye. “We are proud to unveil a solution that not only enhances imaging capabilities across various industries but also does so in a cost-effective and scalable manner, making advanced sensing technology more accessible than ever."

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