A review of event cameras for automotive applications

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Event Cameras in Automotive Sensing: A Review
Shariff et al.
IEEE Access

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/ACCESS.2024.3386032

Event cameras (EC) represent a paradigm shift and are emerging as valuable tools in the automotive industry, particularly for in-cabin and out-of-cabin monitoring. These cameras capture pixel intensity changes as ”events” with ultra-low latency, making them suitable for real- time applications. In the context of in-cabin monitoring, EC offer solution for driver and passenger tracking, enhancing safety and comfort. For out-of-cabin monitoring, they excel in tracking objects and detecting potential hazards on the road. This article explores the applications, benefits, and challenges of event cameras in these two critical domains within the automotive industry. This review also highlights relevant datasets and methodologies, enabling researchers to make informed decisions tailored to their specific vehicular-technology and place their work in the broader context of EC sensing. Through an exploration of the hardware, the complexities of data processing, and customized algorithms for both in-cabin and out-of-cabin surveillance, this paper outlines a framework encompassing methodologies, tools, and datasets critical for the implementation of event camera sensing in automotive systems. 

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