Nexchip mass produces 55nm and 90nm BSI CIS

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Google translation of a news article:

Jinghe integrates 50-megapixel image sensors into mass production and plans to double its CIS production capacity within the year

According to Jinghe Integration news, after the mass production of 90nm CIS and 55nm stacked CIS, Jinghe Integration (688249) CIS has added new products. Recently, Jinghe's integrated 55nm single-chip, 50-megapixel back-illuminated image sensor (BSI) has entered mass production, greatly empowering different application scenarios of smartphones and achieving a leapfrog move from mid- to low-end to mid-to-high-end applications. Jinghe Integration plans to see a doubling of CIS production capacity this year, and its share of shipments will increase significantly, becoming the second largest product axis after display driver chips.

Nexchip's website shows the following technologies.

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